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About us

Just to be clear from the start: we can’t promise you complete and total enlightenment. What we want to offer you here is interesting and surprising news about automotive lighting: service tips that making driving at night safer and more comfortable; illuminating product information that summarizes innovations and technology trends; thoroughly researched background topics from the world of lighting; and the odd comical anecdote, because we want this blog to be fun, too!

Our automotive lighting blog, as you may have already noticed, carries the subline „powered by OSRAM“. However, it is not a company platform, but an independent, journalistic report. OSRAM supports the blog by providing content and funding, though this does not mean that the blog concentrates on product advertising! The objective of the company rather is to draw greater public attention to topics in lighting and to see information imparted objectively in a blog that is worth reading and useful. Before we get started, we would like briefly to introduce the bloggers:

Unsere Autoren

Fritz Lorek

Fritz Lorek (GER) is an automotive journalist who has been writing about automotive lighting for nearly 20 years. In lamp tests and in his brochure, “Licht im Dunkel” (Light in the Darkness), he repeatedly has described the dangers due to poor, non-approved bulbs. His interest in automotive lighting goes back to the 1970s. “Germany’s Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV) objected to the reflectors in the headlamps on my Renault 4. Before replacing them, my mechanic persuaded me to put in halogen headlamps for 20 marks extra. I was overwhelmed by the H4 bulb. My father’s much more expensive car still had the old dual-filament bulbs. His low beams looked like parking lights compared to mine.” Fritz’s father took his son’s advice and soon also updated his headlamps.

Jens Tanz

Jens Tanz has been immersed in the world of cars for more than 10 years. In 2005, he started working as a blogger for AutoBILD, wrote articles for AutoBILD Klassik and discussed his own and other people's cars in various forums on the web. Today the 45-year-old journalist from Kiel writes for the motor magazine GRIP and the drivestyle magazine TRÄUME WAGEN published by DAZ Verlagsgruppe. On the web he maintains the Facebook page of the Mercedes Benz museum and writes the quirky diary of a driver – “Sandmanns Welt”. Jens is responsible for the more entertaining articles in the carlight blog and he looks forward to reading your comments.

Carlight Blog Team

Our carlight blog team consists of guest authors, Osram employees and tuners who all have something to report. We all check out hot fairs and events, go to events and presentations for you, and keep you up-to-date on everything that isn't purely technical (Fritz Lorek) or purely entertaining (Jens Tanz). Of course we also read your comments and answer your questions, so don't hesitate to join in the discussions.