Being able to see clearly a long way in front of the car is vital, and that’s what standard high-beam headlights are designed for. They project a large amount of light into areas more than 50 meters away. Not as much illumination is needed directly in front of the car. If an obstacle appears there, a vehicle traveling at 100 kph or more has no change of stopping, regardless of the skill of the driver or the power of the brakes. In rough terrain or on a farm, the situation is different. Although these situations make high speeds impossible, more care and attention is needed in driving at even a modest pace. This means more light is needed immediately in front of the vehicle as well. The trail (if there is one at all) may be littered with potential hazards, such as deep potholes, sandy areas or tree stumps, and these need to be detected as early as possible.

The LEDriving Lightbar FX from Osram is designed for situations like these, and it comes in two different profile versions. Particularly suitable for off-road applications, the Combo version brings improved far and near field illumination. Alternatively, the Spot version has a beam pattern that optimizes far field visibility. Just like the extremely compact models in Osram’s Slim series, these lights have a special appeal in regions where drivers particularly appreciate improved far field illumination, in Scandinavia and areas of North America, for example.

Good visibility for plowing and harvesting

Farms have special conditions of their own. While there may be less risk of potholes or rocks on the track, many farmers are now having to work late into the night, and maintain a high level of awareness while doing so. When they’re driving a combine harvester, for example, they need to ensure as little foreign material as possible is gathered together with the grain. They also need to readily identify where crops have already been harvested. All this requires specially designed lighting. Osram’s auxiliary lights from the LEDriving CUBE MX85 Multifunctional series are the ideal solution.

Exclusively powered by LEDs

As their names already tell you, all these lamps use LEDs as their light source. This brings a whole range of benefits, of which smaller size is one of the most important. Halogen or xenon headlamps that offer a similar level of brightness are much larger and heavier, making them extremely difficult to mount on the short, thermoplastic bumpers of modern cars. It takes a huge amount of effort to ensure the lights don’t emit an annoyingly jittery beam due to constant vibrations. Quite apart from this, installing massive lights in front of the radiator doesn’t exactly enhance a vehicle’s look. Flat lightbars, on the other hand, are often regarded as a design upgrade.

For 12 and 24 volt batteries

When it comes to combine harvesters and tractors, of course, design is much less of a concern. Even here, however, bulky lamps can leave less room for other attachments or hinder the driver’s view of them. The compact construction form of LED lights is a great advantage in this sector. What’s more, they are robust enough for use in even the most challenging conditions. And one problem frequently encountered by those wishing to add auxiliary LED lamps to commercial vehicles doesn’t apply to the LEDriving products from Osram: they can be operated on both 24 and 12 volt batteries.

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