Who on earth replaces the brake pads on the right-hand side of the vehicle only? Or changes the brake fluid solely on one of the axles? Probably nobody! Bulbs on the other hand are frequently left in headlights or other car lights until the very end of their service lives. It’s often forgotten that these are wear and tear parts that should be replaced from time to time as a precautionary measure. But when a bulb actually burns out, its partner on the other side of the vehicle should always be replaced as well.

Why is that? Are the manufacturers just trying to sell more lamps? Not really. In actual fact, lamps are cheaper in twin packs than when bought individually. There are many good reasons for replacing both lamps even when a bulb has actually failed on one side only.

  1. Experience teaches us that the bulb on the other side of the vehicle will stop working in a short while anyway.
  2. When bulbs of different ages are fitted, the warning light on the dashboard may still continue to indicate a fault.
  3. The light output of car lamps decreases over time. Replacing both of them at the same time restores full performance.
  4. It doesn’t mean twice the effort – preparatory work only needs to be carried out once.
  5. Experts recommend that lights are checked, and readjusted if necessary, after any headlight bulb has been replaced. When you replace them in pairs, any checks or readjustments only need to be performed once.
  6. Every lamp failure is a potential risk to traffic safety. New lamps considerably reduce this risk.
  7. The visual impression remains the same. The light color produced by lamps changes over time, and this is particularly true of xenon Having two bulbs with different ages is just as noticeable as when a lamp producing a bluish-white light (such as the Cool Blue from Osram) is combined with a standard bulb.
  8. Buying or ordering two individual lamps is simply an unnecessary duplication of effort.
  9. Replacing lamps in pairs actually saves money. Twin packs are cheaper and any workshop costs are only incurred once.
  10. It’s reassuring to know there won’t be an annoying lamp failure for quite some time.

We’ll be taking a closer look at all these points in the near future. Stay tuned.

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