Let’s begin with a crystal-clear message: Upgrade lamps like Osram’s Night Breaker fit in every headlight that is designed for the type – including H4 and H7. This compatibility is a pre-condition for approval. And these lamps improve every headlight. Their luminous flux approaches the upper limit, and the popular and higher – that is, bluer – color temperature is also one of them. But, depending on the lighting technology in use, the Night Breaker Unlimited and its sister, the Night Breaker Laser offer different levels of benefits.

Low beam

The most frequently used system of illumination for cars is the domain of the Night Breaker. They have been optimized for it. The highest gains in range are produced by these lamps in headlights equipped with reflection systems, that is, ones without lenses. The technical trick at work here: The parts of the filament that burn the brightest are very small. The motto is: the smaller, the brighter and better. The ideal system would be a point-shaped light source. Developers speak of high luminance in this regard. As a result, the headlight reflector can project as much light as possible onto important areas of the road. These are the places located at a distance of 50 meters to 90 meters. Less light is projected onto areas that do not need it as much, like the area directly in front of the car.

In projection systems, the lens facilitates the optimal projection of light onto distant areas. The lamps and their luminance have less impact here than they do for reflection headlights. As a result of their optimized luminous flux, a Night Breaker placed behind lenses does indeed produce an improvement. But it is one that is less noticeable. The luminous flux, measured in lumens, is restricted by regulations. Not a whole lot can be done as a result. But it is a different story for luminance, an area on which Osram developers have been intensely working in recent years.

High beam

The situation is much the same for high beams. Their range is largely determined by luminous flux. But a doubling of their range of visibility, as is the case for low beams in some reflection headlights, is too much to ask for high beams. Nonetheless, the range of the full light is significantly higher anyway.

Fog lights

A Night Breaker can really shine here. Fog lights, like low beams, have a light-dark boundary. If the fog light uses a reflector, as most do, high luminance will help once again. The light stays in the very place it should. Only a very small amount of it exceeds the cut-off line. In this area, it would increase the self-dazzling effect during trips in fog. Overall, the upgrade lamp optimizes the light distribution of a fog light. No major changes may be seen only in those (few) models that employ projection systems with lenses. In such cases, the information about low beams discussed above will apply.

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