Anyone who wants to change anything about their car lights will find a huge range of products on the internet. Along with useful things such as upgrade lamps, you’ll also find all sorts of things for changing their color. We’re talking here about lamp paints. Actually, they were originally intended for the small lamps on Christmas tree lights. Because you can ask for more money for anything that is meant to go on a car, suppliers had the idea to also offer their splendid lamp paints for car lamps. Blue shades are the purchases of preference. Application is very simple. The glass bulbs of the lamps take on the color well when dipped into the liquid. A quick solution for trendy blue lights? Not really. The blue very often turns to brown after a short while. Headlight lamps get significantly hotter than small twinkling lights in your home. In a more or less closed housing such as a headlight, the paint heats up even more and basically burns on.

But that’s not all. When the paint scorches it releases gases or even smoke which then gets deposited inside the headlights or whatever other lights. Any attempts to clean them usually fail. They are then useless. Actually, they’re useless right from the beginning because a lot of light gets trapped in the paint. The range of such a mistreated headlight is reduced dramatically. In other lights, the different lighting functions are more difficult to see.

Cool Blue Intense as an alternative

The only way to give halogen light a little bluish tinge are appropriate halogen lamps. There are lots on offer. Many providers are advertising incredibly high color temperatures which can’t be confirmed by measurements though. It’s important that the lamps produce not only blue but also enough light. That’s the case with the Cool Blue Intense from Osram.

Another mistake that is easy to make is to apply paint on headlights or rear lights to achieve a desirable matt gray finish. Now, there are cars around with such tinted rear lights ex works. However, they have been carefully designed to provide the right amount and quality of light. Paints applied retrospectively have the same effect as on lamps: they dull the light, again quite significantly. While paints which are usually offered as sprays don’t burn like liquid lamp paints, they often become unsightly only after a short while. They peel.

There is another important reason for not painting lighting components. It’s not allowed, plain and simple. Everything that is illuminated on a car requires approval. It is null and void if the part is changed. And painting is indeed a change.

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