And it DOES affect you!

Colors have different historic significance, they arouse emotions, they attract attention, and they can blend into the background. When you buy a car and insist on a particular color you are being guided by a gut feeling. In the past few articles you have repeatedly told us that you didn’t really look closely at the color of a used car. But unless your car is one of those plain station wagons which is nothing more than a workhorse and is supposed to be timeless to maintain a high resale value, then we have some “colorful” insights for you. They are not scientific and they don’t apply to everyone, but perhaps you recognize yourself or your friends in these descriptions. Today we’ll look at BLUE cars.

Blue – the most popular of all colors

Yup, it is. Hands up, who goes to a dealer and orders a new car in his or her favorite color? Well? You’d be surprised how many actually do it. And you don’t have to have won the lottery. The many tuners among us are not thinking about how their cars would sell either – they do them up the way they want them. And the color blue now plays a major role here. With a deep blue we associate the relaxing expanse of a warm summer sky or the cool, unfathomable depths of the sea. Both for women and men blue is the favorite color by far because it’s mainly associated with positive things. Is that enough already for it to end up as paint on our cars? No doubt there are other perceptions that affect this choice.

Elegant, dynamic and heavy

At first glance, a dark blue is similar to a deep black, but is less distinguished and especially in large vehicles shows an elegant touch of taste, standing out from the crowd. Blue cars seem heavier than others, but at the same time the color gives them a certain dynamic compared to black or gray. So there must be a killer engine under the hood, right? It seems that elegance and understatement are mixed into the color. But blue is also among the colors with the worst remote perception. A popular color in the 60s and 70s, light blue virtually can’t be seen at all in the rain. Although it’s a bit more cheerful, it takes the optical weight away from a vehicle, but also its sturdy impression. Maybe because light blue is associated with a lot of baby toys.

Blue – the reliable team player

Dark blue cars appear to us to be reliable and robust and their drivers are perceived as team players. That may be because of our childhood memories of the valiant men from the British Royal Automobile Club and their blue vehicles coming to the rescue. Who knows? In color therapy, luminous shades of blue are used for treating migraines, and they also help alleviate stress and promote regeneration and relaxation. That only applies to others around our blue car, but also to ourselves of course when we approach it. Blue makes people cheerful and is the color of loyalty. So why should you ever choose any other color for your car? Oh, and witches, if you believe in them, use shades of blue to reinforce their manipulative influence on everyone else. Ha.
And … blue is timeless so a blue car is always easy to sell. Yawn. So even those of you who are not completely wrapped up in the color of their car are also satisfied

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