Colors have different historic significance, they arouse emotions, they attract attention, and they can blend into the background. When you buy a car and insist on a particular color you are being guided by a gut feeling. Unless your car is one of those plain station wagons which is nothing more than a workhorse and is supposed to be timeless to maintain a high resale value, then we have some “colorful” insights for you. They are not scientific and they don’t apply to everyone, but perhaps you recognize yourself or your friends in these descriptions. Today we’ll look at YELLOW cars.

Yellow has had completely different meanings and associations over the ages.

There aren’t a lot of yellow cars on the roads at the moment, but they’re getting more again. Compact cars and small fun cars for young people especially are available more and more in vibrant colors. Yellow, the author’s professed favorite color, has had completely different meanings and associations over the years. In the western world, it stands for the sun and light.

A car painted in yellow arouses associations with creativity alertness and a sharp mind. A look at the driver will also confirm this – or maybe not. Depending on the color tone, yellow provides a great contrast to black tires and plastic parts, and chrome trims particularly stand out and add some contours to a yellow vehicle.

Yellow cars are visible from a long way away.

From an objective point of view, a pure luminous yellow is the color with the greatest long-distance effect. That means that a yellow car is visible from a long way away. That’s also the reason why many signposts and warning signs are yellow – they’re easier to see, plain and simple. If the yellow shifts toward a darker or golden tone, it triggers a notion of “wealth”, “grandeur” and “self-confidence”. In today’s bland mix of gray and dark blue cars, driving a golden yellow car is a sign of confidence. In actual fact, in the Middle Ages yellow was used as a “color of shame” to mark discriminated groups. Because it’s so striking. Good thing that these times are behind us.

The color yellow is called a “fleeting color” because it’s very easy to contaminate. It therefore stood for the instability of the mind in the second half of the 19th century which is reflected in contemporary paintings (for example in Vincent Van Gogh’s work). A “muddy” yellow contaminated with green or brown also symbolizes jealousy, betrayal, resentment and insanity. At least it used to. Whether that applies to all owners of cars with a dirty shade of yellow is questionable.

The color yellow is a cheerful color.

But back to the here and now. In holistic color consulting, yellow helps to distinguish between the useful and the useless. Exciting. And more than 90% of women claim that yellow doesn’t suit them. Come on, ladies, be bold. It’s a fact that a yellow car not only attracts attention but also polarizes opinion. More so in a positive than in a negative sense; because anyone driving a yellow car shows their colors, stands out from the crowd and defies winter in a colorful way. I like it. What do you think? Do you know anyone with a yellow car?

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