Whether it’s a cake, your favorite plant, a dog, baby, or maybe a piglet – whatever is close to your heart, bring it home safely. That’s the slogan of OSRAM Automotive’s new TV ad. The ad draws attention to the product benefits of the NIGHT BREAKER family in a humorous way.

The ad was shot in one day at a major film studio in Munich. Since time was limited, everything the 15-person team did had to be spot on. And it all worked very well. Directors, lighting technicians and stylists worked closely together and everything went according to schedule.

Since quality car lighting is an absolute must, nine different vehicles were used for the shoot, including a Ford Mustang, Maybach, Golf II, Mercedes ML, VW T3 Bulli, BMW 3, Dodge Ram, Toyota FJ Cruiser and a Citroën 2CV. This made the range of vehicles just as varied as the NIGHT BREAKER product family itself.

In addition to the fancy cars, there were also other very special characters. True to the slogan “whatever is close to your heart, bring it home safely”, a variety of characters took the back seat in the vehicles. Among the people enjoying the ride were a real surfer, a sweet granny with her cake, and a lady ready to hit the city.  But a small donkey and a piglet were probably the most unusual passengers. The animals in particular captured the film crew’s hearts and turned the video shoot into a very special experience.

This shoot created a humorous TV ad which looks at the technical product of “car lighting” from an emotional angle and encourages the audience to think of their loved ones. But see for yourselves:

So who is close to your heart?

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