A dream of freedom, personality and uniqueness. These characteristics are not only inherent in a wolf, but are also embraced by OSRAM Automotive in their short film, created in collaboration with the University of Television and Film (HFF) in Munich. The aim was to reinterpret its LED products included under the “LEDriving” umbrella brand through the medium of a modern image film. A dream-like experience. That’s what “Light up your instinct” is all about. A playful, visual bridge between the real and the unreal is created.

Together with students from the University of Television and Film (HFF) in Munich, a concept for a film was developed which indirectly presents the LEDriving product family, but above all focuses on self-fulfillment with the help of the product family. The LEDriving portfolio ranges from headlight solutions to interior vehicle ambience lighting – all app-controlled as an option.

Young director Naira Cavero has studied directing at HFF for 6 years, and took on the task together with her team with great enthusiasm. Filming was completed in a mystical enchanted forest near Munich over the course of two days. A professional team of stylists, lighting engineers, drone pilots and assistants supported the video shoot, taking care of the actors and creating the right setting. In cooperation with the students, the rough cut was edited and enhanced with special lighting effects. Different music was also composed to create the right mood in the promo video.

Working with the wolfhounds was a special highlight; they play a crucial role in the video. Although these wolves already had TV and film experience, it was a great challenge to keep the animals happy on set. For the footage to be successful, each scene had to be perfect.

The result is an inspiring and magical video, which blurs the boundary between dream and experience, conjuring up a very special dream world. Take a look at the video and enter this magical world yourself:

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