You’re probably sick of New Year’s speeches, end-of-year reviews and round-ups, because they’re in your face all the time these days. That’s why I shall confine myself to one single statement, which I would like to use to describe 2017: isn’t it unreal how diverse car lights are as a topic? Unreal in a positive sense. Obviously, Fritz and I knew what we’d be getting ourselves into when we agreed to write one blog article each a week on this topic. But what I, at least, find extremely fascinating is how easy it has always been to find new, exciting and entertaining topics on any kind of lighting set-up and color effects in and around cars.

Time and time again, Fritz, our resident expert, technician and DIY enthusiast, took us by the hand and offered tips on how to keep our everyday lives illuminated. We correctly changed the lamps in our cars with him, learned everything there is to know about cornering lights, and received detailed (and sometimes surprising) answers to our questions about the subject of “lighting” and the “whys” and “wheres” and “hows”.
And even after the summer holidays, Fritz picked us up and told us how to get our cars back to normal after the long journeys, where the do-it-yourselfers among you could have a go, or where it’d be best to keep your hands off if you didn’t want to screw up. He also explained the relationship between good light and good visibility and which factors are crucial to achieve both. Fritz is and remains our expert, and his weird and wonderful enlightening stories are always good for an “Ah, that explains it” light bulb moment.

And because technology and good background knowledge can also be paired with entertainment, I’m looking back at an almost three-digit number of articles, which don’t so much deal with the background and the technology but rather with the experience of light. Basically with everyday life and the ever so slight madness of driving. You were there when we freed a spider from my car’s headlights. I introduced you to different, usually very individual vehicle fronts and their characteristic headlights, and went to Sweden with you, where there’s a completely different notion about oversized additional lights on cars. Together we looked at different designs of rear lights, and instrument clusters in our babies that have been repeatedly redesigned over the decades. It’s all been about light. And light accompanies us every single day, sometimes going unnoticed, sometimes being very obvious.

We’ll continue our journey in 2018, and hopefully you’ll all join us again.
I’m particularly excited about further developments in LED headlights (we have something nice for the Golf VII coming up …) and ongoing digitalization of dashboards and their lights. We’re not done yet. If there’s anything you’re interested in, let us know. Have a Happy New Year and happy reading.

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