Color has fascinated man ever since the dawn of time. And if you work with light then you also work with color. Bright white light is a mix of every conceivable color – we know that because we can break it down into its constituent components. Different colors have different historic significance, they arouse emotions, they attract attention, and they can blend into the background. When you buy a car and insist on a particular color you are being guided by a gut feeling. Unless your car is one of those dark blue station wagons which is nothing more than a workhorse and is supposed to be sober and timeless to maintain a high resale value, then we have some “colorful” insights for you. They are not scientific and don’t apply to everyone, but perhaps you recognize yourself or your friends in these descriptions. Today we’ll look at RED cars.

Red! Rosso! Rouge!

When a bull sees red he goes wild. That’s actually not true. Bulls are more or less color-blind and simply react to the toreadors waving their capes around. But this misconception says a lot about our relationship with the color red. Red stands for action, energy and spirit. Hardly surprising, then, that most Ferraris are red, and that the sleekest, fastest Alfa Romeos tend to be ordered in red. Red is a signal color and stands for danger. Traffic lights are red. Brake lights are red. Alarm buttons are red. It’s said that people who dress in red have an iron will, great determination and perseverance. OK, so far who do you know who drives a red car and fits that description?

Let’s get sensual.
Red is also stimulating. Its strong influence on our vegetative nervous system has been proven. Our metabolism and appetite are boosted by the color red. Red like fire! Even though fire is dangerous it gives us warmth and comfort. Red stands for passion, sensuality, and a conscious desire to experience life in full. That can all be wonderfully applied to many sports cars and, with a bit of imagination, also to any “normal” car. While red was a normal color for new cars 30 years ago it virtually disappeared in the 1990s and 2000s. It’s now enjoying a renaissance, which begs the question: are buyers of new cars now more emotional, more sensual?

Red stands out.
As the colors of cars in 1990 became more and more extravagant, fire trucks and ambulances had to follow suit and be painted in colors that were even “crasser” otherwise they wouldn’t stand out among other vehicles. A fire truck now isn’t just red. It’s more of a screaming neon. But red still catches the eye among all the black, dark blue and silver corporate cars. Be courageous. Choose red. Were you aware of all the properties of this color? Are you a “red” person? Or do you know someone who would suit a red car? And when you look at your lovely reliable hatchback and ask yourself why it is (or isn’t) red, remember that red has always been the absolute favorite color of children of all ages. And for good reason. Red is anything but boring!

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