Some people decorate their homes for Christmas. Others retreat into their garage and want to give their lights a makeover. Make them better and prettier. But what’s possible and what isn’t?

There’s no quick way to get xenon, LED or laser lights. It would be too big a job, and all offers of minimizing it through simple lamp replacement are dubious and illegal. But replacement is definitely the right word here.

For many car fans blue is nicer. The blue tones of xenon and LED light which are very strong in some cases can’t be achieved with incandescent lamps. But you can easily get the normal, often yellowish looking glow of halogen light. There are two ways. High-performance lamps such as the Night Breaker from Osram are not optimized to produce blue light, but as much light as possible. That light is much colder already than that of normal halogen lamps though. If that’s still not enough there are also bluish light sources to choose from. At Osram they’re called Cool Blue and are of course legal, something you can’t say about everything that’s offered in the depths of the internet. Xenon lamps from the Cool Blue series have the biggest amount of blue to offer. Makes sense because xenon tends to go in that direction on its own anyway.

By the way, bluish lamps don’t only exist for high beam and dipped beam. The parking lights and number plate lights can also be prettified with a touch of blue. Indicators need to have a completely different color for obvious reasons. The amber color doesn’t necessarily need to come from the usual lamps though where the glass is in exactly that color. Because in clear-glass indicators they sometimes look like a fried egg. A stylish solution is the Diadem indicator lamp from Osram. You can’t tell from the outside that it gives off the prescribed light color. When it’s switched off, the glass bulb has a silvery sheen with blue tones (!). Integrated into the lights, it won’t look anything like a fried egg anymore, but it flashes amber when it’s on. The Diadem is available not only for indicators with white covers at the front and rear, but also for flasher repeaters.

The tips mentioned so far for a festive makeover are easy to achieve. Installing additional lights and headlights is a bit more complex. One possibility is daytime running lights for cars that don’t have them yet. Upgrading fog lights is relatively easy if the front valance can take them ex works. Or additional headlights, which look a bit overwhelming on modern vehicles without proper bumpers though. But who knows? A collection of extra headlights attached to the radiator grille used to be called a “Christmas tree”. There you go, perfect for the run-up to Christmas. And the nice thing is that you can enjoy the new lights even in the new year.

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