Going on holiday can be quite stressful for a car. Checking your headlights and other lights on your return will make sure that everything continues to work just fine. Here are four tips.

  1. It’s great if headlamp leveling prevented the headlights from dazzling other drivers when driving with heavy loads. But now you have to put them back to their normal position. Many drivers forget that and are then surprised at how bad the light is when driving at night again.
  2. Does everything work? The lights in the car were probably on a lot, so one of the lamps may well have burnt out. A quick check around the car will show whether all the lights are still working properly. That’s also useful if the model has bulb monitoring because it doesn’t necessarily check all the lighting functions. It often excludes high beam and the flasher repeaters. So don’t forget to check these as well as the license plate lights and the brake lights.
  3. Did you replace a lamp while you were away? If it came from your own replacement box it should now be refilled. If you didn’t have your own spares and could only buy a no-name lamp abroad, it’s best to replace it with a brand lamp from a renowned manufacturer such as Osram. I’d even recommend replacing both lamps at the same time, where appropriate. There’s a great chance of the second one failing soon too.
  4. Stone chip damage is annoying, especially if it occurs on expensive parts such as windscreens or headlights. In the case of the latter, you may not have noticed yet so best to check right now. In modern headlights a complete replacement is usually unavoidable. But then their plastic covers can withstand more than glass parts. These in turn are often available as spare parts. That’s a great advantage of old headlights. For a successful repair it’s important though that holes or cracks in the glass are sealed as soon as possible. Otherwise water and dirt can get in; the inner workings and especially the reflectors don’t like that at all. Many things are suitable as sealants: tape, band-aid from a first-aid kit, and even chewing gum will do.


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