Essen Motor Show takes up a special place among the world’s car shows in celebration of production sports cars and tuning equipment. From December 2 to 12, 500 exhibitors staged a fantastic horsepower festival for the approximately 400,000 visitors, with OSRAM leading the field. On a floor space of 150 m² the Osram team showcased a spectacular mix of innovation and entertainment including three show cars, a live video shoot and a … TRANSFORMER.

While the boys from Sidney Industries gave autographs, and live presentations took turn with video showpieces, visitors could check out new products and options for car lighting, both interior and exterior, during the course of ten days. A Ford Mustang equipped with the latest LED technology was presented on stage. It had LEDriving Fog lights – a combination of LED daytime running lights and LED fog lights – installed at the front, and LED retrofits and the new LEDambient Connect family installed inside, with the latter controllable from an app and customizable to suit individual tastes.

And the TRANSFORMER was back, stomping around the booth. That wasn’t just a spectacular show but it also meant 20% off on all Osram items for a short time, which fans made sure to celebrate on social media.


The brand new LEDriving Xenarc headlight for the Golf VI was another fantastic highlight. The legal xenon upgrade for all halogen-based Golf 6s is a plug&play retrofit, instantly offering 70% more light, a 20 meter longer light beam, and LED daytime running lights, LED position lights and LED indicators. Fans were mightily impressed, and even a number of representatives of other brands were seen ogling the products. Over delicious coffee, the presenters and hostesses pointed out the technical and visual highlights. Everybody was welcome.


The harmonious overall concept comprising show cars, technology, presentations and entertainment generated a phenomenal response from visitors and Messe Essen. Sidney Industries and How Deep celebrated in style with fans and visitors, volunteering information about the concepts and technology of the cars. Attractive prizes made sure that many visitors could bag a thing or two, with all of them now driving off into their Christmas holidays with better light.

AARGHH! It’s that TRANSFORMER again! Amongst flashes of light and cheering, visitors came once again rushing to the Osram booth, picking up the 20% and sharing their experiences on social media. The transformer hashtag campaign gave the remaining attendees the chance to win 500 euros worth of Osram lamps.  Fantastic.

And those who couldn’t get enough were hanging around the other cool booths in the halls of the Essen Motor Show; once again there was something for everyone. Rumor has it that many were going back to the Osram stage over and over again. Perhaps to get another one of those LEDriving XENARC kits for the Golf. Or maybe because they were hoping the TRANSFORMER would show up again … The team is already looking forward to 2017 when there will be more boisterous lighting affairs. Forever Essen.

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