Since the Carpenter classic The Fog from 1980 a lot has happened in car lighting, including fog lights. There’s not much horror in fog anymore these days though. But if you do think that’s still the case, let us remind you that Osram can help you with the latest generation of LED fog lights. Now that the misty season is just around the corner why not check them out? The stylish lights can also be used as daytime running lights.

In most modern cars there’s no need to saw or drill; with their 90 mm diameter the LEDriving FOG lamps fit perfectly the way they are, replacing existing fog lights. Here you will find an overview of vehicle types.

The coffee in the thermos mug is nice and hot, and the country road autumnal and dark. The last nice dream still lingers and half a foot is still under the warm duvet in our thoughts when all of a sudden a bank of fog looms just behind a hill. No problem really, is it? With a flick you’re switching on the fog lights and … there’s this gray, impenetrable wall of water droplets and darkness. Fine if there’s no obstacle you may see too late. Fine if there’s wood in the car you can touch. Those who don’t want to rely on trial and error or wildlife accident statistics can turn to Osram and their latest generation of plug & play fog lights, the first Osram LED fog lights with uniform light guide optics.

Fog has the unpleasant property of partially dispersing and partially reflecting the light from our cars. So within a few seconds we can’t really see anything anymore that’s ahead of us. Thick fog is very dangerous and can’t be avoided in the autumn and in spring when the differences in temperature between night and day and between the ground and the air are particularly big. Osram LEDriving FOG lamps have a wide emission angle, extending your field of vision to beyond the fog so that you can see the sides of the road and any obstacles. The lamps sit behind a chip-resistant lens and are easy to install in most modern cars, replacing existing fog lights. Thanks to a light color of 6000 Kelvin you won’t miss a single detail, even in sudden banks of fog.

Of course the applications can vary and can be customized. Whether it’s 12 or 24 volts, or as fog lights or daytime running lights, the LEDriving FOG lamps have an intelligent control feature, can be operated automatically in many instances and are even dimmable. They also make your car a bit cooler and brighter, especially during the gloomy season – year after year. With a lifetime of around 5000 hours they’ll reliably illuminate the roads for you this coming autumn. And the next one, and the one after that, and so on. A deer is bound to be standing right in front of you at some stage, giving you a confused look. And then it would be good if you could see it in time and avoid a messy accident. In any case, the radiant LED technology from Osram can help you a little to brighten up the dark autumn. And being less afraid of the fog, you’ll find your coffee will taste even better.

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