Xenon produces great light. And it requires little maintenance because the lamps last a long time. They usually only need to be re-placed more than once in very robust high-mileage cars. But now even that is history. The new Xenarc Ultra Life from Osram will outlast the car.

According to Osram the long-life lamp will last up to four times longer. Two figures illustrate the performance. A conventional xenon lamp provides as much as 3000 hours of light, and a car engine runs for 6000 hours on average.


The long-life xenon lamp is available in D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S versions, all for 35-watt projection headlights with lenses. Osram is introducing them at Automechanika at booth D15, hall 3.0.

There will also be other new products on show. Long-life halogen versions have been in the lamp manufacturer’s portfolio for a long time, with the H7 Ultra Life receiving a com-plete makeover.

If the focus is not so much on lifetime but performance, the Night Breaker Laser is an interesting alternative. Thanks to the laser coating of the glass bulb and an optimized gas filling, even more light reaches the important parts of the road than is the case with the al-ready impressive Night Breaker series.


Drivers who want to move from halogen to xenon can check out three different upgrade headlights for the Golf VI at the booth. This new option makes Osram the only manufac-turer to introduce legal xenon upgrades for the Golf VI which don’t require the headlight washer system or headlamp leveling in Europe to be upgraded. That’s because type D8 lamps are used, for which it is not compulsory.

The doors of Automechanika are open until September 17. At Osram’s booth there will be a number of other new products such as port-able lamps for workshops. We will report on all the technical details and background information.

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