Soon the first production car with new rear lighting technology will hit the roads. BMW has decided to equip the new M4 GTS with rear lights fitted with OLEDs from Osram.

An outstanding feature of OLEDs is their flatness and coverage. While a classic LED produces a point of light, an OLED produces an area of light. The designers at BMW have used this in an inventive way. The features of OLEDs are particularly eye-catching when looking at the light slightly from the side.

Source: odelo – the lighting technology new to cars makes its debut in the rear lights of the new BMW M4 GTS.


OLEDs have been used in entertainment electronics for quite some time. But the challenges in a car are much higher. That applies not only to the temperature range the semiconductors have to withstand but also to the life and luminous flux, where cars have much higher demands. The 15 OLEDs installed on each side in the BMW meet these demands. Other car manufacturers are also planning to use OLEDs in their rear lights. It’ll be exciting to see what the designers will come up with next.

Source: odelo


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