Cramped engine compartments and dark floor pans – these are the usual places where car mechanics work. Of course they need good light there. You can expect an Osram product to provide just that, and modern LED technology too of course. But the five new LEDinspect PRO inspection lamps can do even better. They are specifically designed for harsh conditions in workshops.

Not only can portable lamps fall to the workshop floor, but they will. A robust worklight has to survive that. And according to Murphy’s Law (“anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) there may well be coolant or oil underneath the hoist, so good protection against penetrating liquids won’t hurt. Not to mention dust or dirt.

Protection against such nuisances is given in IP codes, with the code for the LEDinspect PRO BONNET 1400 being IP65. This means that this practical light, which can be attached to the inside of the bonnet, is not only dustproof, but can also withstand powerful water jets. The other LEDinspect lights are also protected against water.

Except for this bonnet light with its high luminous flux of 1400 lumen, all products in the PRO series run on batteries. Professionals really appreciate cable-free portable lamps. Nobody trips over the cable or gets it caught up somewhere. The lithium batteries can also be charged using a USB cable, which comes in handy if the supplied charger has been misplaced.

Powerful convenience: the LEDinspect PRO BONNET offers an impressive 1400 lumen. Both hands stay free because the luminaire is simply attached to the inside of the bonnet.


Apart from one luminaire, all the others emit a bluish light with a high color temperature of around 6000 kelvin. Penlight 150 UV-A is the exception; its light emitting diodes have been optimized for ultraviolet light. No, it’s not just for a laugh to light up clothes which have been washed using detergents with optical brighteners. Incidentally, it’s great for doing that too though. The real reason is for working on air conditioning systems. To quickly detect leaks in the air con, a substance is often added to the refrigerant these days which shines brightly under UV light. Even the tiniest leaks become visible with the help of the UV penlight.

This page gives an overview of the whole LEDinspect PRO series. The luminaires are now available in stores and online.

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