Once again, beautiful Switzerland was the center of attention in Central Europe, even though the country likes to stay out of a lot of things. But this doesn’t include the tuning scene. That’s why around 12,000 people gathered once again on the weekend of July 2 and 3, 2016 near Geneva to take part in an impressive supporting program and show what they’ve got. And what they can do. And what moves them. The big 10-year anniversary party for the tuning event was a varied and boisterous affair, with the Osram team of course being in the thick of things again.

There was something for everyone at the Palexpo center in Geneva. More than 1,300 vehicles from the tuning scene’s A-list were an impressive example of what is possible in Europe. Clubs built whole landscapes around their treasures, private individuals showed their cool and awesome exhibits, and commercial exhibitors put their craft on show in their own village. Hall 4 was once again reserved for customizers for displaying their low riders and air rides, and for showing off their vintage cars, US cars and VW classics in perfect harmony – stylish, classy and extremely low. At its own booth, Osram demonstrated what is possible with lamps in and around vehicles with the help of impressive examples. Under the slogan ”The Heartbeat of Car Lighting”, the team showed various lights and tuning lights for the interior and exterior of vehicles on the Osram pickup, and had a supporting program and games for all fans and friends in store.

Pick-up, lights and a lot of fun in Switzerland.


And it’s for the supporting program in particular that the fans know and love the Swiss Car Event. The unique mix of show and style is very well received in the mountains and across Europe each year. Stunt driving in front of the halls, drag racing and drift challenges have long become a must in Switzerland. Along with motorcycle stunts, skaters also show what they’ve got. Those who found the noise levels too low could check out the freestyle motocross shows right next to the venue, featuring international FMX legends and quad bikes at dizzying heights. Awesome. And because we’re not talking about who has the fastest, but the LOUDEST, tuning fans of both sexes could put their impressive vehicles up for scrutiny in the audio stakes. Fitting bass speakers and boom boxes instead of the back seat and parcel shelf is a real challenge in itself.

Lamps, wherever you look.


Those who still hadn’t won a trophy could pit themselves against others in the car limbo challenge (how low can you go?) or the RC races, or simply enjoy all the shows which were anything from sexy and crazy to inspiring. No matter where the eyes wander, lighting plays a central role. No wonder that visitors and fans came to the Osram booth in droves. Lights inside and outside the vehicle now help create cool effects quickly and easily – a domain where Osram is among the first points of call. Things have now calmed down in Switzerland, and tuners have left the mountains to be enjoyed by the locals once again. But next year it’ll get loud and diverse again. People from the scene and the event organizers will surely see to that. Osram will be there and will look forward to a unique event.

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