Everyone is going on holiday by plane. Really? Not you though. You’re car fans who like to get behind the wheel and enjoy the feeling of independence that a car gives you at your destination. Car holidays are all the rage again. Decades after Germans discovered traveling south in their own car, the European continent is once again reviving the desire for long-haul trips. Whether you’re going all the way up or down, we’ll provide some useful tips on how your journey will become your destination.

Most of us remember it with joy – getting up early while half the world is still asleep. The tank is full, the car loaded; dad gets it out of the garage, everyone hops in, and accompanied by the twittering of the birds you drive off – on holiday! The sandwiches have all been scoffed after 50 kilometers, and foreign countries await at the end of the rainbow. Fantastic. Adults also enjoy going on holiday by car – which is still true in 2016 – provided the trip is planned properly. Otherwise everyone is even more desperate for a holiday once you get there, and which is the last thing you want especially after your return.

One thing you can plan right at the start is your destination. You need to be able to reach it by car (no kidding!), and of course too many kilometers will leave even the most hardcore of drivers constantly tired, even if you’re taking enough breaks. Especially if you’re traveling with children, driving more than 1000 kilometers in one day is no fun; but there are bound to be small charming hotels along the way in places where you never would have stopped otherwise. Are you driving through the night? Then you should check your lamps beforehand. Bad or faulty lights will turn your journey into a dangerous undertaking. Many brand manufacturers offer lamps with high luminous efficacy and sets of replacement lamps so you won’t be stranded somewhere off the beaten track without lights.

Car trails in sunset


Apart from that you will need: high visibility vests (otherwise it may get expensive abroad in particular), vignettes for the countries in which they’re required (and that can also get VERY expensive after just a few hundred meters. And don’t even try bypassing the highways using bendy toll-free mountain pass roads, we’re definitely too old for that), and new sat nav maps. Is your travel health insurance up-to-date? Getting sick abroad can cause massive problems if you haven’t sorted your insurance. You’ll want to avoid that.

You might also want to take some toys for your kids to play with. The obligatory sandwiches with a variety of tasty fillings, a few hard boiled eggs and plenty of drinks (delicious hot coffee in a thermos) will turn your journey into a real delight. At night, oncoming cars can be made out by their lights.

If you now add a few relaxing breaks nothing can go wrong anymore. Going away by car can be a lot of fun. Of course there are a few calculations to be done. The plane tickets, transfer or car rental fees, and the time saved compared to petrol, overnight stays along the way and a long time on the road. But the great feeling of having driven a long way yourself is priceless. So is seeing and experiencing the country, and not being carted from the airport to an isolated hotel. Think about it. The carlight blog team wishes you a safe journey.

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