They want colors, they want noise, they want speed, and they want visual perfection. Europe’s private and commercial tuners like to show off their skills live. They recently got together for the GTI meet-up at Wörthersee and at Tuning World at Lake Constance, the two biggest events of this kind in Europe. And where there’s tuning there’s OSRAM. Featuring an awesome team of show cars and presenters, tuning aficionados could enjoy a first-rate program by the bank of the lakes including expert advice, competitions and a lot of rubber on the tarmac.
Here’s a look back at both events.

Once a year tuners meet up in Reifnitz at Wörthersee. From May 4 to 7, Golf GTI enthusiasts got together for the 35th time – this time under the slogan “Back to the Roots” – with OSRAM joining in the fun. The best known brand-related tuning meet-up celebrated 40 years of Golf GTI, and more than 100,000 visitors got the chance to see how cool, low, and very special a car can be. Back to the roots meets flat to the ground. Fabulous.

OSRAM Automotive showcased the latest products from its lighting portfolio on its impressive 96 m² site, offering visitors professional on-site advice so they could then try out their discoveries on their own ground-scrapers. People who didn’t want to be thrown into the proverbial deep end of Wörthersee could witness the OSRAM products first hand in a show car (a converted VW Amarok), and could then decide what would look best on their own Volkswagens.

There are options galore. Whether it’s LED fog lights, stylish tuning lights for ambient lighting inside the car or various halogen products, the OSRAM team had a wide range of products on show, and cheerfully answered a number of technical questions. The presenters even went as far as tuning live on customers‘ vehicles – perfect entertainment with a little extra. A very special highlight were the daily competitions that gave our visitors the chance to take home a number of valuable prizes from the OSRAM portfolio. Bring on the next round of the bustling GTI meet-up at Wörthersee in 2017 – see you next year!

Demonstrating what is possible. Directly on the car.


OSRAM at Tuning World Bodensee 2016

Same weekend, same passion, but a different lake. From May 5 to 8, OSRAM Automotive was also present at Tuning World Bodensee with a 60 m² booth and an equally strong team. Another place to feast your eyes on automotive bliss. With about 104,000 visitors, around 200 exhibitors and 154 club booths, Tuning World Bodensee is Europe’s largest tuning fair – an event that OSRAM wouldn’t want to miss of course. Over the course of four sunny days, the team advised visitors on options for their own cars, and provided them with information on the latest lighting portfolio.

A brand-new Ford Mustang was used as the show car and turned out to be a true eye-catcher. Visitors were able to experience first hand what is possible and legal in car light tuning. They could check out innovative LED technology live on the car, and view, touch and understand the various upgrade options.

But apart from information the tuning meet-ups are also about entertainment and performance. A very special highlight were the “taxi rides” in the 600 horsepower drift BMW that were given away as prizes each day and could be redeemed on site. The winners could see for themselves just how good these heroes of the asphalt were at hugging the curves. Prizes from the OSRAM portfolio were given away as part of other competitions, which could be taken straight home or installed in your own car there and then. Once again, the eloquent presenters made sure there’d be a mix of fun and entertainment.

The whole OSRAM team is looking forward to seeing you again next year, and won’t be missing out on another successful fair at Lake Constance.

Were you there? Will you be going again? What did you like best?

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