The light of a halogen lamp does look a little yellower than that of a xenon lamp. Viewed alongside an LED headlamp with its popular bluish shade, the difference is even more striking. This is an eyesore for design and optics purists. But additional high-beam lights are unavoidable in many cases. This is particularly true, of course, if LEDs only supply the low-beam light. The standard headlamps of the new Mercedes E Series are a prime example of this. Osram’s engineers have come up with an effective way to avoid the color clash: It’s a special halogen lamp with a particularly high color temperature for high-beam light.

Osram’s new development emits light with over 4500 Kelvin – a color temperature well above that of xenon and within the range of most LED headlamps. What’s more, the light output of the lamp meets the requirements of high-beam light – and this is something that has not exactly been a forte of bluer halogen light sources in the past.

Unfortunately, the new lamp is not likely to find its way into headlamps any time soon. It has to be approved first. And even once this process has been concluded, it will not be possible to use the lamp as a retrofit solution for today’s headlights. Though the developers are basing the design of the lamps on the commonly available H7, they intend to alter the base to ensure that the lamp does not fit into a lampholder for a normal H7.

„Pray why?“ we hear you cry, „An extra blue lamp with an extra high output would be fantastic – for the low beams too!“

Actually, I’m afraid it wouldn’t. The lamp is unequivocally designed for high-beam light and for a high color temperature. The optical characteristics and the fact that the service life is limited for physical reasons make it quite unsuitable for low-beam applications.

But it does go wonderfully well with LED low-beam lights.

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