Would you like to retrofit daytime running lights without installing extra luminaires? Or are you for any reason looking for a replacement for your fog lamps? Perhaps you don’t have either. If so, you’ll be pleased to hear about an innovation from Osram with the name Ledriving Fog! This product is a combination of daytime running lights and fog lights. Both are installed in a housing with a 90 mm diameter. As a result, it can be fitted in many cars with a designated installation space for fog lights without major modifications.

The light-emitting diodes in the Ledriving Fog from Osram produce both daytime running light and fog light. Photo: Osram


Both light functions are provided by light-emitting diodes and feature their typical bluish light color. Osram uses an integrated light guide for the daytime running lights. This innovation will soon be on sale as a complete installation kit and is, of course, approved.

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